News - Wednesday 23rd September 2015

"Idris Awaits" is now officially released and can be purchased at our webstore. You can also find a new t-shirt featuring the cover artwork from the EP in the store.

If you prefer your musical in digital format, you can download the EP for free over at our Bandcamp page.

News - Friday 28th August 2015

Our new EP "Idris Awaits" can now be pre-ordered from our webstore. The release date for shipping is Monday 21st September.

News - Friday 31st July 2015

Finally, after 6 long years we have made an update to the Releases page.

We hope to see as many of you as possible at Warhorns Festival in September. This will be our only show for 2015, and we currently have no plans for any future shows.

News - Tuesday 11th September 2012

It is with great regret that we announce we will no longer be playing the Warhorns Festival in ten days times. This is due to the aforementioned line-up difficulties and other factors. We apologise to anyone who was looking forward to seeing us, but unfortunately this was the only option left to us. We wish Warhorns Festival great success and hopefully we will be able to return next year.
In the meantime, we will be looking into playing a local show upon the release of the album. More details will follow in the next update.

News - Monday 20th August 2012

Due to reasons beyond our control, both our bassist and drummer are no longer able to make our Warhorns show. After some deliberation, we have decided to play the show as a three-piece band, together with a drum machine. Although it is not ideal, we did not want to pull out of the show entirely and this was the best solution at short notice. We hope everyone attending will understand our reasons for choosing this option, and we look forward to seeing you all there.

News - Tuesday 24th July 2012

We can now confirm that the Warhorns Festival will be our only live date in 2012, and likely our only for the foreseeable future. We can also confirm that we will be performing new material at this show.
I will personally be at the festival for both days, and hopefully we will have some new merchandise available on the day.

Owain ap Arawn

News - Thursday 2nd February 2012

We are pleased to announce that we will be playing the Warhorns Festival in York this coming September. This is likely to be our only live date for 2012.

News - Monday 9th January 2012

We have noticed that there are some rumours circulating that we have split up - we are pleased to say this is not the case! Rest assured the album is being worked on and we will announce a release date before long.

News - Tuesday 6th September 2011

New website up!

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